Earnestine & Hazel’s Shoot

My daughter Meagan is a fantastic stylist and has a great eye for natural beauty and the ability to show it off to maximum affect.  She knows I love creative shoots so she is always on the lookout for people to model for me. When she mentioned she had a friend who I might be interested in shooting, I knew it would be good. After meeting Layla and going over some ideas, I knew I had to shoot her and I knew the perfect location – Earnestine & Hazel’s down on South Main. This bar has become a legend in Memphis and used to house a brothel on the second floor. Now it serves some of the best burgers and coldest beer in town, and to top it off, is said to be haunted. How cool is that? We met downtown on a VERY cold Sunday morning.  And the results were amazing! Here are a few I had to share from the session!

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