Metal Prints – AMAZING!

Traditional prints have long been the norm, then came gallery wrapped prints on canvas. Now there is something relatively new available – printing on metal. Aluminum, to be exact. When I heard about this at first I was not sure how it would look – I imagined a metallic sheen or color shifts. It couldn’t possibly look better than a traditional print or wrap, could it?

Absolutely. The vibrancy and color of my prints on metal have been nothing short of spectacular. Plus, no framing. Most metal prints come with built in hardware that “floats” the photo off the wall for a gorgeous 3D look.  Once you receive your print just open the box and hang it on your wall! The prints don’t fade nor will they smear – it’s actually infused into the metal.  Use a damp cloth to dust it and you are good to go! Of course, there is a place for gallery wraps and traditional prints too if you prefer the look – contact me for pricing and print packages!!

Printing on Aluminum - incredible detail and color!

Printing on Aluminum – incredible detail and color!

Coming Together Finally!

Whew – now that I’ve spent a ton of time working out the look and feel of the website, I think it’s starting to come together. Can’t say enough good things about and their Word Press themes. Their online support has been excellent, answering all of my questions within 24hours. Still going through photo albums and uploading content. PLUS – I just upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5.2 and am exploring the new features. Now to reinstall all of my filters and plug-ins…….

First Blog Post – Learning WordPress!

FIRST post to the blog! Learning WordPress and customizing the theme is taking some time but it’s been pretty straightforward.  I got my theme from and really love it so far.  All of my install questions have been answered by simple searches or checking out the how-to videos. Still, lots of work to be done before I have everything complete. I’ll post more updates as I go.