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Gorge Waterfalls
February 11, 2023

We'll travel out to the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side and visit numerous waterfalls, and with some luck, have some snowy condition too!  If you want to create great photos with minimal hiking (really more of a walk - most of the locations will be paved paths) this workshop is for you. 

Your workshop includes instruction and a 1 hour online group post processing class for the group (date to be determined after workshop).  


Dates: February 11, 2023

Cost: $75

Maximum Participants: 6

Hiking Distance: Approximately 2 miles throughout the day

Elevation gain: 0 - 300 ft elevation gain.

To reserve your spot and get more information, send me an email. 

Download the workshop waiver here.  You'll need to sign and return prior to the workshop. 

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